A teenager has shared a picture of two people who he says helped to rescue his family in the Lake District.

The family from Preston were on a day out last week but got into trouble in the water at Ullswater.

In a message 15-year-old Mahmood Desai says: “On Thursday afternoon, my family and I went to Ullswater Windermere for a day out.

“My cousin and I went to swim in the lake when the water suddenly deepened.

“My cousin started to drown so I tried to help him but then I also started to drown. My uncle tried helping us but he lost control and also began to struggle.

“This couple without any hesitation came into the water to save all our lives. Their own lives were at risk yet they still came. We thanked them at the time but I really want to show my gratitude so I need to find them.”

Speaking to us today his sister who witnessed the incident said the couple came to the rescue of her brother, cousin and uncle.

“At first the water was quite shallow and then it got deep.

“My brother started struggling and as did my cousin and then my uncle. And these two people came in to help them.

“We didn’t manage to get their names just this photo at the time. We have still not found who they are and it would be great if we could and thank them personally.

“I think people need to be more careful. Due to the hot weather a lot of people are going into the water.”