A network of CCTV cameras has been erected in the grounds of Whalley Abbey following a spate of anti-social behaviour.

At a multi-agency meeting between police and parish representatives on Friday, the deputy police and crime commissioner, Andy Pratt, heard from Reverend Adam Thomas, who revealed that the ASB had become so bad that the Diocese of Blackburn had felt it necessary to install seven CCTV cameras within the grounds of the Abbey, to protect it from potential damage from gangs of youths coming into Whalley from surrounding towns and villages.

Cllr Ged Mirfin, who also attended the meeting said: "A security gate is also to be put in place, which will be locked at 8pm in order to prevent groups of undesirable individuals coming into the Abbey.

“On the back of the CCTV cameras in the Abbey, the siren voices in other parts of Whalley affected by anti-social behaviour are likely to grow louder particularly from residents on the Sands.

"CCTV cameras on Station/Mitton Road and in front of the QE2 playing fields where the sports clubs are located are urgently required so as to be able to identify known trouble makers coming off the trains and travelling into the village to wreak havoc.”

Reverend incensed as youths abuse clergy and cause damage to Whalley Abbey

A second meeting is to be held in August so that feedback on key issues can be provided, and further discussions can be had on the availability of activities for young people in the area, in an effort to try and combat the rise in ASB.

It comes after several incidents of ASB were reported at the Abbey, whereby youths had caused damage to some of the buildings and abuse had been launched at the Reverend and his wife.

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