Police have issued yet another open water warning after several children were caught hopping through private gardens so they could swim in a quarry.

On Saturday, officers in Chorley were sent to the quarry in Appley Bridge after receiving reports that groups of youths had been seen in the water.

There was also evidence the children had been drinking alcohol, with police now issuing images of several of the children involved in the hope of sending them a clear message about the dangers of open water. 

A spokesperson for the police said on Saturday: "Today Sgt Harrison is on an operation along with North West 4x4 response to help tackle ASB (anti-social behaviour) in the rural areas around Chorley and Skelmersdale.

"During today's duty we have deployed to the quarry in Appley Bridge due to a report of kids in the quarry and hopping through private gardens to get in there.

"With the use of the drone we have obtained some good images of the children involved.

"We cannot stress just how dangerous these waters are.

"They have hidden dangers underneath the water where your child could get trapped and the kids are risking their life to cold water shock.

"Not to mention the fact that there is evidence that the kids have been drinking alcohol which will increase the risk of harm to them."

If you know who the children are in this photo please contact Paul.Harrison@lancashire.police.uk and police will arrange for them to have an input from Beckie Ramsay who, 10 years ago, tragically lost her son Dylan to cold water shock.

This is just one of several warnings issued over the last week in relation to swimming in open water following the death of at least 13 people in separate incidents across the country after they came into difficulty while out enjoying the hot weather.