A DRUG and alcohol recovery charity is to install CCTV cameras as part of its renovation of a former care home.

Change, Gow, Live has owned the premises of the former Burnley House Care Home since 2016 to work with those aged 18 and over involved in substance misuse.

It has applied for planning permission to repair and restore the 19th Century buildings, formerly three town houses, on Westgate in Burnley town centre.

A Design and Access Statement from the charity's facilities adviser north Andrew Hills to Burnley Council planners says: "Change grow live (CGL) have owned the property and associated grounds since November 16 2016.

"CGL, a social care and health charity, have been working with Burnley Council to deliver an integrated alcohol and drug behaviour change service, which includes treatment, recovery and community resilience for Burnley adults aged 18 plus who are affected by substance misuse.

"There are no plans to change the physical structure of the walls or windows, only make repairs to the building and associated boundary walls that are falling into disrepair.

"The scope of works includes repair to the roofs, chimneys, exterior buildings walls, windows and boundary walls using traditional materials.

"Our experience has proven that how the building is managed sets the tone for how people behave within the building and the local vicinity.

"As an extra measure of reassurance CGL will install CCTV monitors which will survey the inside and outside areas of the building as a preventative security measure.

"All staff will receive training and be responsible for health and safety measures within the premises and have access to an alarm system linked to the police ensure immediate support is available on any rare incidences that may occur.

"All repairs will be undertaken in a sympathetic manor to enhance the life of the building.

"Reducing the negative effects and impact of substance misuse is one of CGL’s key objectives.

"The approach we apply is based on many years of experience and success in providing services nationally.

"All customers will continue to attending the service enter into a contract regarding their behaviour which outlines how they would like to be treated and how we expect them to treat others and the potential consequences should they breach this contract.

"All our security measures are linked to an internal electronic hard drive which allows us to review information on a 24 hour basis."