ADORABLE FOOTAGE has emerged of dolphins diving in and out of the sea on the Fleetwood coast.

An RNLI Fleetwood volunteer captured the moment on video and it was shared to their social media page.

In the video, several dolphins can be seen surfacing above the water and some were clearly spotted diving in and out of the waves.

(Facebook/ @fleetwood.lifeboat) 

Posting to Facebook, they wrote: “Many thanks to volunteer crew member, Keith for sharing this short film of our Shannon class ALB's recent encounter with a pod of dolphins, whilst on exercise last night.

“On such a fantastic and warm evening, a truly memorable occasion.”

Many people loved seeing the video and the footage of the animals.

One person commented: “Aww how amazing to see! Thanks for sharing the video.”

Susan said: “That’s is amazing. A true gift.”

According to The Lancashire Wildlife trust, it’s no surprise that we are starting to get some dolphin sightings off the Lancashire Coast.

A spokesperson said: “Bottlenose dolphins are our largest and most common dolphins, seen frequently around the UK and in the Irish Sea.

“It was only a few years ago that a pod of more than 100 bottlenose dolphins was spotted in Liverpool Bay. They are a sociable animal and feed on fish, hunting in groups. We do get quite a few sightings over summer and at other times of the year.”

According to the trust, dolphins aren’t the only aquatic animals spotted in Lancashire’s coastal areas.

They explained: “We have reports of dolphins, porpoise, basking sharks, turtles and a couple of humpback whales in the Irish Sea over the past few years.

“Grey seal numbers are also increasing, mainly from the colony at Walney Island in Cumbria.

“This must mean that there is plentiful food in the Irish Sea for them to keep coming back, which is great news.”

However, The Lancashire Wildlife Trust is urging people to avoid “becoming complacent” about the oceans and the wildlife in them.

They explained: “The Lancashire Wildlife Trust is continuing to seek high level protection for large areas of the Irish Sea, allowing it to recover, restoring habitats and seeing increases in some of the amazing wildlife that lives there.

“We are actually in Marine Week, our annual UK campaign to raise awareness of our bit of the oceans.

“We need to stress that we can all do our utmost for wildlife in the Irish Sea by supporting the Trust's campaign or by making sure that our litter, particularly, plastics ends up in recycling bins and not the sea.

“That even applies inland, because river pollution will end up in the sea, where it can kill marine mammals.”

You can find out more about this issue and what you can do to help over on the Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s website:

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