SEVERE weather is set to take hold of East Lancashire at 9am tomorrow (27 July), lasting until 6am on Wednesday morning.

Travel is expected to be disrupted by thunderstorms and heavy rain, according to the Met Office, who have issued yellow weather warnings across the North West.

Their official website reads: "Heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop during Tuesday across much of Wales, northern and central England.

"These will last well into the night across north Wales and north-west England in particular, where they could be prolonged in places.

"20 to 30mm of rain is possible in around one or two hours, and a few places could see around 60mm in three to six hours. Lightning and hail may pose additional hazards in a few locations."

Forecasters predict that there is a 'chance' that homes and businesses could be flooded quickly, with cancellations to some public transport services likely.

The inclement weather is expected to subside by Wednesday at noon, with only light showers and wind expected between then and Friday when the weather improves slightly.

On the whole, temperatures are expected to remain between 17 and 20 degrees all week.