Michelin-star chef, Nigel Haworth, has shared an update about The Three Fishes pub and the renovations being carried out.

He has given fans a first look at the unique private dining space and also given a prospective date for bookings to open. 

Nigel said he plans to make the ‘best pub in the country’ and intends to open in in mid-October.

However, before the big re-opening a lot more renovations need to be carried out.

Mr Haworth shared an update of the renovations taking place to his social media followers.

In the social media post, Nigel  says some rooms in the building currently looks like a “bomb site” and adds that “a lot has changed in a small space of time”- but the team are currently “full steam ahead” for their mid-October opening.  


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In the video, Nigel takes us on a tour through the building which is filled with construction workers.

During the video tour, construction is clearly underway with walls ripped out and rubble can be seen scattered on the floor.

It's vastly different to the very first video Nigel posted of the out-dated interiors before construction began. 

The ‘Fish snug’ has been stripped “back to basics” and  a doorway has been “reinstated” in the garden room.

Lancashire Telegraph: The future garden room (Photo: Screenshot from Instagram/nigelhaworth)The future garden room (Photo: Screenshot from Instagram/nigelhaworth)

Nigel also took us outside where work is being carried out on the patio and chef's table area. 

Lancashire Telegraph: The patio area is under construction (Photo: Screenshot from Instagram/nigelhaworth)The patio area is under construction (Photo: Screenshot from Instagram/nigelhaworth)

In the video he said: “Outside has changed dramatically- the patio area is being constructed and the gas tanks have moved.

“The area by the gas tanks- that’s where the chef’s table is going.

“You’ve also got that beautiful view over there to Kemple End.

In an earlier video, Nigel also revealed plans for an outdoor terrace which is set to be large enough for around 30-40 people.

There has also been drastic changes made to the kitchen area, which Nigel previously described as an “absolute bombsite”.

Lancashire Telegraph: Earlier this month the kitchen looked like a "bomb site" (Photo: Screenshot from Instagram/nigelhaworth)Earlier this month the kitchen looked like a "bomb site" (Photo: Screenshot from Instagram/nigelhaworth)

However, now the area appears very different and much tidier- although a lot of work is still required.

Nigel said: “The walls have been ripped out by the pot wash area.

“There’s been a bit of a change in the main kitchen. The ceiling’s had to come out for us to put the new ventilation system in.

“Look up there you will see a service area… it is a building site isn’t it? My God.”

However, one of the more exciting updates was about the private dining area. While the space can be a function room for around 30/40 people, there will also be a more intimate space for diners.

Explaining more about the space, Nigel said: “Our soon to be private, 12 seat dining room, which can also be used for smaller functions of up to 30 people

“We are making the room truly private by adding new doors, giving the space a sense of exclusivity; perfect for a special occasion.”


A post shared by Nigel Haworth | Chef (@nigelhaworth)

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Nigel also added that bookings for the restaurant and pub “should be open by mid-August”- but this is assuming all construction goes to plan and updates will be given closer to the time.

In the video, Nigel added that there is still “lots to do” on the building- but still hopes to be open by mid-October.

Many people are excited about the updates and renovations, expressing their excitement about the ever-approaching opening date.

One person said: “It’s going to be gorgeous, I can’t wait to visit.”

Another wrote: “Great progress-  love watching how the place is evolving.”

A third could wait to see the finished private function room while another was excited by the outdoor terrace.

To keep up-to-date with The Three Fishes renovations, you can follow them over on their Instagram page.

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