A DISPUTE over a £4 taxi fare ended up costing a man £200.

Blackburn magistrates heard Ronald Straker punched a screen separating driver from passenger and caused it to smash.

Straker, 60, of St Albans Court, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a screen belonging to Mazhar Ali. He was fined £40 and ordered to pay £160 compensation.

Robin Lynch, prosecuting, said Straker was picked up by the taxi at 3.45 pm.

"During the course of the journey he became agitate over the fare being charged," said Mr Lynch. "He punched the screen separating driver from passenger causing it to smash. He was taken back to the taxi office and the police called."

Zabair Afzal, defending, said his client had given the taxi driver £4 but he wanted £8.

"He felt he was being over charged," said Mr Afzal. "He accepts he lost his temper and punched the screen in a moment of frustration."