A car was damaged and a road was blocked after a skip hire truck clipped a tree in Blackburn.

The incident happened yesterday afternoon (July 24) as a skip truck hit a large tree branch on Walter Street in Audley causing it to snap off. The branch fell on to a parked BMW causing extensive damage to the car.

Emergency services were alerted to deal with the incident.

A tree surgeon was also called out and the road was cleared several hours later.

A resident who lives on the road has spoken out saying he had warned the relevant authorities the branch was hanging low and causing issues and no action was taken.

Local councillor Salim Sidat said: “I was in Preston when I was notified. 

“I have within 40 minutes managed to get the tree surgeon out from Leyland to come and make the tree safe and open the road up to traffic. 

“I have spoken to Luke the police officer, who has informed me they have got the number of the skip company and a further investigation will take place.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Some vehicles park on the pavement to allow other traffic through due to the narrow sections on the roads.

Cllr Altaf ‘Tiger’ Patel said he was spoken to residents over concerns earlier in the year: “I have raised this before and it was just waiting to happen.

“This is something we did speak about on my rounds. The road has been cleared now and the branches are being removed.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Zubair Valimulla said he had told the Blackburn with Darwen Council of concerns earlier this month.

He said: “It could’ve been much worse as children always play in the area and pedestrians walking.

“I am deeply disappointed with the Blackburn Council as a local constituent concerned of this dangerous tree opposite my house.

“I raised this issue little over two weeks ago with the council and they replied via email that they did not deem it was infected despite me giving reports by two independent tree surgeons with photos and evidence. 

“I am deeply thankful to Councillor Tiger Patel who came to the scene straightaway and gave much needed support to the locals shocked by this incident.

“I am also extremely thankful to the Lancashire Constabulary Police for attending rapidly at the scene and also arranging for the Tree Surgeon from Leyland to remove the Tree and clear the blocked road.”