A man has been arrested for fraud after trying to collect a ‘suspicious’ order of power tools from another man's house.

Police were called to Slaidburn Road, Waddington, yesterday afternoon (July 22) after a man took in delivery for parcels which included power tools.

The man was suspicious when a man came to the door claiming to have ordered the items and was coming to collect them and called police.

Police recovered the tools and later arrested a Blackburn man on suspicion of fraud.

He has since been released under investigation.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Earlier this afternoon officers from Ribble Valley Rural Task Force attended Slaidburn Road, Waddington.

“A member of public had taken delivery of some parcels, containing high value power tools, and suspected it to be a fraudulent order.

“Shortly after receiving the delivery, a male attended the location claiming to be responsible for ordering the items and had come to collect them.

“Thankfully, the member of public receiving the order had his suspicions. Police attended and have now recovered the power tools.

“After making some enquiries, a male from Blackburn was arrested on suspicion of fraud.

“He has been interviewed and released under investigation.

“Further enquiries will be carried out by Rural Task Force, as it is suspected this is one of numerous offences where high value power tools have been fraudulently ordered.”