A WARNING has gone out after a group of around 20 young people were seen open water swimming.

Police in Chorley say that the group were between the ages of 12 and 14 and from a mix of schools including Parklands, Southlands and Holy Cross.

They were seen swimming in the Fishery, Heapey with officers warning that this could be very dangerous.

A police spokesperson said: "This isn't funny and we are not playing games anymore, lives are at risk here."

They added: "Do you know where your kids have been today?

"If they have returned home with anti vandal paint on them you will know that they have been here.

"A number of them got anti vandal paint on themselves when trying to flee from the police."

Police say that once they have identified the young people in question, they will arrange for them to have a group input from Beckie Ramsay who lost her son Dylan to cold water shock from open water swimming.

Anyone who knows who they are can email Paul.Harrison@lancashire.police.uk.