A motorist has told of his shock and disgust when a driver used racist language to describe a neighbourhood. Carl Busby also told of how he had recently participated in a football tournament which was made up predominantly Asian players in Blackburn over the weekend. Carl was driving in Deepdale, Preston and posted: “Wow wow wow! First time in my life. Just argued with someone over right of way in Deepdale and got (told) to be careful because this is a P**i area...his words not mine. Absolutely gobsmacked. From an older gentleman as well." He added, “Think he must have missed my appearance at the Asian invitational footy tournament on Sunday where I was the only white lad there to the 300 Asian players. One country one nation #standuptoracism.” When asked about the incident he said it was concerning to see the man use the words in front of a child passenger, “Mate I laughed and just said that a bit racist, I really shouldn't have but what else could I say or do. Worst thing about it I'm sure he had his granddaughter in car as well about 10-years-old. Hopefully she won’t grow up to be so ignorant.”