A 'vivacious, loving and caring' mum-of-one tragically died after taking too many drugs, an inquest was told.

Grace Elizabeth Taylor was found dead at home on January 15 by her partner Sean Hargreaves after taking heroin and methadone, as well as prescribed medication.

Coroner Richard Taylor told an inquest at Accrington Town Hall that on the night of January 14, 28-year-old Grace had left her home on Pine Street in Burnley to go to the shop for some food.

He said: "It was about 9pm and her partner, Sean, said when she returned home she told him the shop was closed but she had managed to buy some heroin for him.

"Sean said they would usually take drugs separately, and while Grace went upstairs he stayed downstairs.

"Later, he went up to the bedroom and found Grace sprawled across the bed. He says it was around 4am, although he couldn't properly recall whether it was day or night."

Mr Taylor said it was Sean's belief that Grace was asleep, but on the morning of January 15, he woke and was unable to rouse her.

He continued: "Sean tried to contact Grace's grandmother and went to her house for help, before returning home and calling 999."

A toxicology report revealed Grace had potentially fatal levels of heroin in her system as well as methadone, anti-depressant drug mirtazipine, anti-psychotic olanzapine, cocaine and amphetamine.

Although it was the heroin that had been taken in excess, a medical cause of death was offered as multi-drug toxicity.

Mr Taylor told the inquest that there was no evidence that she had intended to take her own life and recorded a conclusion of drug related death.

Speaking after the inquest, Grace's grandmother, Carol Ellis said her granddaughter was a 'smashing girl who would do anything for anyone'.

She added: "She was very vivacious, very loving. Drugs are evil and I see more and more young people who are using them and it's shocking.

"She only started using when she was with Sean, and we just want her to rest in peace now."

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