Police have released a video of a drink-drive pursuit following the sentencing of a 30-year-old man.

In April, officers were called to deal with a suspected drink driver in Accrington.

One of the police on duty that day, PC Pete Haworth, spotted the vehicle as it made its way into Burnley, but the driver failed to stop when requested to do so. 

PC Haworth pursued the vehicle for 30 minutes before the driver abandoned the car and attempted to run from the police.

Lancashire Telegraph:

However, he was later apprehended and charged and ordered to appear in court.

Adam Ashworth of Barclay Avenue, Burnley was convicted of driving whilst disqualified, dangerous driving and drink driving.

He was sentenced to 14 months in prison and disqualified from driving for four and a half years.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Inspector Chris Valentine from Burnley police said: "This video is some of the footage captured by our colleagues from the National Police Air Service 

"Officers need to remain calm in situations like this and only use enough force that can be justified.

"The video shows police vehicles making contact with the other vehicle but done in a way to try and minimise risk to everyone involved whilst trying to safely stop the vehicle.

"It’s not like in the USA where police vehicles will routinely hit a vehicle causing it to spin off. This ‘PIT’ manoeuvre can put the driver at serious risk of harm.

"You can see by the way the driver runs just before he goes in the house that he was clearly under the influence.

"If you think you can remain calm under pressure and have what it takes to become a police officer then head over to our website when the next recruitment window opens on July 26."