A tenant pleaded with his estate agent not to evict him from his flat after he claims he lost part of his thumb in a workplace accident - which he also claims lost him his job.

Tenant Roman, who featured in an episode of Channel 5’s 'Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords', begged Darwen estate agent Paul Ainsworth Lord to let him stay in the property even though he had racked up rent arrears of £3,500.

The landlord, Mohammed Khan rents the property through Ainsworth Lord letting agency and went to visit Paul for help as he was 'tearing his hair out' trying to contact with the tenant about the missed rent.

Paul and Mohammed went to visit the property, with Paul commenting that it looked as if the flat had been empty for a while, with a large number of leaflets and post on the floor at the door.

Speaking on the show, Paul said: "There's no doubt in my mind that this isn't being lived in. For whatever reason he's done one."

The pair looked around the property before serving abandonment notices on the property which would allow them to take back possession of the flat after 14 days if the tenant did not get in touch.

Later in the programme, Paul and Mohammed had reason to believe that Roman was living with his girlfriend so they went to her property to see if he was there.

While at the property, Roman’s girlfriend's mother answered the door saying she was unsure where the pair were or when they would be back, with the neighbours also confirming that he was regularly at the property - confirming the suspicion that he had moved out of the flat.

Paul added: "He's denied his rent and denied his property and that's not on. Whatever the circumstances you're either paying your rent or you're out. There's not really any middle ground."

Later in the show, much to Paul and Mohammed's surprise, Roman contacted the estate agents asking them to meet him at the property.

Roman met with Paul and said he could not afford to pay the rent because he had had a workplace accident in which he lost part of his thumb and after attempting to sue the company he was sacked, asked Paul to let him keep the property.

Paul would not accept the tenant's issues or pleas and after discussions, Roman agreed to surrender the property.

Paul and Mohammed went back to the property after Roman had moved out but had not paid for the rent owed, meaning that Mohammed will have to take Roman to court.

You can watch 'Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords' on catchup on My5.

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