A SKILLS and employment hub has unveiled a new branding package which they hope gives it "the cool factor" to appeal to a young audience.

Thrive, based at the Calico Group's offices on Croft Street, Burnley, is backed by a partnership between Burnley Council and Job Centre plus and aims to provide support to young people in the town to help them get into work, training or further education.

The new branding package was delivered by Burnley-based agency +24 Marketing, which they hope will help to attract a diverse audience.

+24 Marketing head of creative Rik Holden said: "It has been a very exciting project to be part of, with the Council really allowing our creativity to flow.

"It is always a pleasure to work with a client that understands and trusts our processes and allows us to run with inspiring ideas, knowing that the end result will be a success."

The +24 Marketing branding team says that they started of the process by engaging with local young people who would make use of the services Thrive would be delivering.

As such they hoped to forge a brand identity based credibility and trust, but also to have what they describe as "the all important cool factor" in order to become a point of contact for young audiences.

Thrive is now open for business, and says it is ready to assist local young people aged between 16 and 24 with employability support, confidence and resilience training, CV writing, interview preparation, and work experience opportunities.

Burnley Council employment and skills coordinator Samantha Smallridge said: "It’s been fantastic working with +24 Marketing.”

She added: "They made the branding process really simple, taking the time to listen to what we wanted, then working with us to create a brilliant new brand.

"They tailored certain aspects of the process to our specific needs and worked with our target audience to ensure the brand was well received."

To find out more, go to: https://burnleytogether.org.uk/thrive-youth-employment-and-skills-hub/.