With the licence fee row and lockdowns TV has become very important for many.

Although buying a TV and then having to pay to watch is akin to buying a £1,000 sofa then having to fork out another £180 to sit on it, I have a sample of delights your readers may I have missed this last year.

On Channel 5. may I suggest The Nation’s Favourite Cleaning Product (presumably loo roll otherwise the country would smell very differently), maybe BBC4’s Life of a Mountain (a year on Helvellyn) a programme so high octane it’s best watched lying down.

If it’s movies you like how about Murder She Baked: a plum pudding mystery? A title so bad it makes you want to push a custard pie into Mary Berry’s face.

Oor if it’s romance you’re after how about Love at Mountain View or Sauce of Love ? This classic is a beguiling story of a cookery show contestant trying to keep her secret sauce recipe from a handsome judge (can’t you feel the blood sugar rising it’s so sickly).

However the coup de grace is the Horror Channel’s brilliantly titled, badly dubbed Nude Nuns with Big Guns.

I’m not sure why the nuns are nude or indeed have guns of any size but these are all genuine showings you will be able to catch up with as every show is repeated relentlessly or on a 20 year loop

So happy viewing and I’ll leave you to decide if a licence fee is worth it.

Richard Whiteside