Helen Flanagan, has taken to social media to comment on Covid self-isolation policies in schools.

The former Westholme School revealed that her youngest daughter was only in school for eight weeks of reception.

She added that Matilda had been on “constant catch-up” after the coronavirus disruption, adding that she hopes “normality” can return to the classroom soon.

The former Coronation Street star shared a picture of herself 6-year-old Matilda to her Instagram page.

In the post she wrote: “Matilda joined school in March 2020 ( daddy’s football move) and only had around eight weeks of reception.

“My little girl has been on constant catch up and then the January lockdown.

“I really really hope for more normality for our children in the new school year and I really hope they don’t keep isolating children off school. It’s really not good for children at all.

“I can’t believe Matilda is going into year two.... feels like I haven’t done enough school runs.

“Children are always priority. Children should always be put first. Proud of my little one.” 

At the time of writing, Helen’s post has received over 16,000 likes with commenters supporting her view.

One person wrote: My little boy started the day in tears, he’s in year 6 so last week of primary school and their leavers play which he has his long awaited solo song in

“Then we got the dreaded text… positive case in the class.

“No leavers show of assembly, no goodbye with his friends before they all go their separate ways to high school. Heart-breaking.”

Another wrote: “Exactly the same for my little girl… It’s been tough for them all that for sure. Bring on more normality.”