A SHOP which sells an array of doughnuts ­— from colourful creations to unique bespoke designs ­— has opened its first Lancashire branch.

Doe Bakehouse welcomed customers to the shop in Market Place, Clitheroe, yesterday.

Owner Evie Jackson used to be a PE teacher in Blackburn and Harrogate before starting a business designing and selling festival clothing.

Evie Jackson from Blackburn

Evie Jackson from Blackburn

This led to the opening of the first Doe Bakehouse in Harrogate with her brother Shea Jackson, where they sold the clothes, as well as doughnuts to get people through the doors.

But the doughnuts proved popular and the pair decided to focus on the tasty treats instead.

Evie, from Blackburn, said: “I decided to leave to do my own thing, but I knew the clothing business would not do well on its own.

“After a month, my dad said we needed to get rid of the clothes because the doughnuts were so popular.”

Doughnuts at Doe Bakehouse

Doughnuts at Doe Bakehouse

There are also two branches of Doe Bakehouse in York and one in Harrogate.

Flavours such as bueno glaze rolled in coconut and topped with a Nutella or a watermelon glaze, rolled in sherbet and dark choc chip is among a jaw-dropping range of flavours.

And Doe Bakehouse even offers a customisation service creating doughnut cakes, letters and even penis-shaped doughnuts which are a popular choice for hen parties.

Penis-shaped doughnuts you can order from the Doe Bakehouse in Clitheroe

Penis-shaped doughnuts you can order from the Doe Bakehouse in Clitheroe

Evie said: “We wanted to do something different and to make people laugh because people started to order funny things like this for others, so we realised there was a market for it.

“People can just tell us what they want and we can do it for them."

Evie believes growing up in Blackburn helped her get to where she is today.

She said: “When I meet people, I always tell them where I am from because everyone in Blackburn is hardworking and wants to be something and somewhere.

“We do not have the same opportunities they have in Harrogate. People will have less money in Blackburn but it’s my hometown and I love visiting my family.

The doughnut designs are changed around every month, with employees coming up with wacky and colourful ideas.

Doughnuts at Doe Bakehouse

Doughnuts at Doe Bakehouse

Every box also comes with a pun such as ‘donut look back in anger’ or ‘you made it doe.’

One popular design is the penis-shaped doughnuts ­sold in three colours and are often ordered by hen parties.

Miss Jackson said: “Our doughnut cakes are also popular now because they’re cheaper and just something unique rather than the usual birthday cakes.”

Find them on Instagram @doebakehouse or visit their website to order.