Children have been spotted climbing on the roof of a former church, with residents expressing concerns for their safety.

Last week, several youths were photographed clambering onto the roof of the former Ashleigh Street United Reformed Church in Darwen, and not just on the one occasion.

Sharon Craven, who lives in the area said: "Kids have been on that roof since the church closed 18 months ago.

"I've told them the roof isn't safe, I've shouted, I've called the police.

"One day one of the kids will fall from or through the roof - maybe then somebody will do something."

Mrs Craven said it appears some of the fencing is missing around the back of the building, which is where the youngsters are gaining access.

Lancashire Telegraph: Kids were spotted on the roof of a former church in Darwen, sparking safety concerns

One resident said: "There is no excuse for children to trespass on private property or cause trouble within our community, if these children are injured the parents will be up in arms, yet it is their responsibility to know where their children are and what they are getting up to."

Formerly owned by The United Reformed Church North Western Synod, the building was sold in June.

Mrs Craven added: "The police are aware but clearly can't do anything until they catch the kids up there."

Whitehall Councillor, Cllr John East, said the building is currently unoccupied but he believes there to have been a number of offers on the use of the building since it closed as a church some 18 months ago.

He said: "The building is unsafe and parents should be vigilant and know where their children are as we don't want anyone hurt or in danger by falling off the roof.

"Any adults that do see them should phone the police and report it, and parents should have a word with their children too."