A BLACKBURN salon is giving fans the ideal chance to pay homage to England and Manchester City star Phil Foden.

Salon 312 on Accrington Road says that since Friday it has been offering free Foden style hair bleaching treatment, with cuts to follow for customers who want to emulate the Euro 2020 hero.

Manager Danielle Derbyshire says that the look has already proved popular.

She said: "The bleaching is free and then they can have the full cut afterwards if they want it.

"A lot of the boys who've been coming in have gone for the full thing!"

She added: "The funny thing is we've had a lot of the boys come in and some of them panic when they see their hair start to go yellow.

"But then we tell them, don't worry we'll give it the silver finish we don't leave it yellow!"

Ms Derbyshire has spent the last few days applying giving customers the famous bleached look alongside staff members Stacey Murphy and Sheldon Rodwell.

Together they have given would-be Foden look-a-likes the very best hair treatment Blackburn has to offer.

Foden unveiled his new bleached hairstyle just before the Euros kick off this year, having been inspired by his Manchester City team mate Sergio Aguero.

However, England fans and pundits have also drawn attention to Foden's blond locks appearing remarkably similar to a look previously exhibited by Paul Gascoigne over 20 years ago.

The well-loved England star had shown off his bleached hair during Euro 96 and for many fans the look is indelibly associated with Gascoigne's iconic goal and ensuing 'dentist chair' celebration against Scotland in a game that ended in a 2-0 victory for England.

Foden meanwhile has said that he hopes to inspire his fellow squad members to copy his style, having told TalkSport that they agreed to get the same haircut if England win the tournament.

He said: "I told the team that if we win it they have to get the same haircut as me and they all agreed.

"Hopefully if we win it you will see everyone with the same haircut."

Fortunately, Salon 312 is ready for anyone in Blackburn hoping to follow the midfielder's lead.

To find out more, go to https://www.facebook.com/Salon-312 or call 07312 423496.