A DERELICT former pub could become a residential family assessment unit for vulnerable adults and children.

A planning application for the building which used to be The Volunteer Arms in Whalley Road, Clayton-Le-Moors, has been submitted to Hyndburn Council.

The proposal by Nelson's Qamar Rehman has been given a qualified welcome by the local ward councillors.

The pub has been closed for several years.

Clayton-le-Moors ward's councillors Tim O'Kane and Melissa Fisher are seeking further details of the proposal.

The description of the scheme on the application form says: "The client will be changing the use of the empty closed pub building that has been unoccupied for a few years and make a residential family assessment unit for vulnerable adults and children.

"Ground floor will be office and meeting rooms with a residential lounge and kitchen and upstairs currently has four bedrooms with two bathrooms and a communal lounge which will stay as it always was with minor changes to bathroom."

The form goes on to describe the premises as an 'empty building as it was previously used as a pub but that was a few years ago and has been a shut down building for a few years and has been left empty'.

A planning statement from agent Qamar Bashir says: "I can confirm all changes to 229 Whalley Road would be internal and there would be no changes to the elevations as per the planning application submitted."

The scheme would create at least two full-time jobs.

One of the plans with the application is submitted by Primrose Children Service Ltd.

Cllr Fisher said: "As ward councillor, any new development in Clayton Le Moors is very much welcome and it would be great to see the old building transformed.

"However, I am seeking further clarification about the purposes of the unit before deciding whether or not I can support the application."

Cllr O'Kane said: "It would be good to see this derelict former pub reused.

"I was a regular there before it closed.

"I shall be looking into the application further.

"If it is from Primrose Children Service and this is a reputable organisation I would be minded to support it.

"At the moment I have no concerns about this plan. We do have a lot of vulnerable families in the borough where support may been needed."