EAST Lancashire's main train operator is warning of disruption, full carriages and replacement bus services after England's Euros football final on Sunday.

Northern is asking customers in the North West to check before they travel this weekend it continues to feel the impact of coronavirus.

The firm is running a reduced timetable and warned that short-notice cancellations are expected after many conductors and drivers were either diagnosed with Covid-19 or asked to self-isolate.

Heavy usage from fans returning home from watching the football elsewhere on Sunday is expected to make the position worse.

It is the second weekend running that staff shortages because of Covid-19 has caused disruption to the firm's trains.

Chris Jackson, regional director at Northern, said: “Last weekend was difficult because of the impact of coronavirus, and the situation has not improved this week.

"We have opted to reduce frequency so we can maintain a service on most of our routes and keep customers on the move.

“Of course, many people will want to support England and will be travelling to pubs and bars to watch the match.

“With kick off at 8pm with reduced number of services and possible short notice cancellations, that only leaves a handful of trains on our key routes after the match to get people home and we’re asking our customers to plan ahead and to use all available services or alternative methods of travel.

"We’ll have buses on standby in many places to assist, but customers can help by staggering their journeys and not all waiting for the last train home.”