THE team behind a dog sanctuary development are appealing for support and donations after their Accrington site was targeted by vandals.

Emma Billington, of Dogs4Rescue’s Salford site, said people had broken in and “smashed” the interiors and windows- and now they are trying to purchase fencing and security to ensure it doesn’t keep happening.

The development at Clough Bottom Farm in Broad Oak Road on the way out of Accrington was only approved by Hyndburn Council Planning Committee last month.

Lancashire Telegraph: Vandals even broke into boarded up windowsVandals even broke into boarded up windows

However, before further steps can be made to renovate the building and make it habitable for rescue dogs it will need to be cleaned up.

Ms Billington said: “The vandals went in the house which is still full of the previous owner’s things.

“They smashed all of the windows, threw everything about and just made a huge mess.

“There is broken glass everywhere.”

Lancashire Telegraph: The dog sanctuary site in Accrington has been vandalisedThe dog sanctuary site in Accrington has been vandalised

Aside from the financial and time repercussions, Emma is also worried that the vandals could injure themselves as the building is not secure.

The team took steps the board up the building after the first break in which took place in early June- but it was broken into yet again after this.

Emma added that she thinks it is “kids messing about” and “not realising the impact they will have on our little rescue.”

Lancashire Telegraph: The previous owner's items were scattered outsideThe previous owner's items were scattered outside

So far, the team have invested into a solar powered CCTV camera but Emma added that they are “just a tiny rescue and can’t afford too many expenses.”

Emma said they are looking into getting some security fencing but explained that this might cost them “a few thousand pounds.”

She added: “We wanted to spend this money on the building and getting it ready for the dogs- not to prevent people breaking in.”

However, Emma added that the experience has brought out the positivity of the community.

She explained: “We have has a lot of messages of support and some people have donated to us which has been really nice.”

Lancashire Telegraph: A solar powered CCTV camera was installedA solar powered CCTV camera was installed

As for the rescue development itself, Emma said: “Apart from this little blip things are going really well.

“We’re really looking forward to getting up there and getting started- it’s going to be an exciting project.”

The team plan to open in phases- the first of which they hope to complete by the end of the year when they hope to house around 20 dogs.

How to donate to Dogs4Rescue

If you want to help the charity and put some money towards their security/clean up costs you can do so over on their website.

You can give a one off donation or become a regular contributor by joining their Golden Paw Club.

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