LAST night (5 July) Boris Johnson set out his intention to end nearly all of England’s remaining coronavirus restrictions in one fell swoop.

Mask wearing will no longer be a legal requirement under the plans, nor will social distancing in most cases- and many party-goers will be excited to hear that nightclubs will be able to reopen.

It will be the first time since lockdown was imposed in March last year that nightclubs will be able to open their doors.

Andy Mac, owner of Ships and Giggles in Burnley, is just one business owner who is looking forward to ‘freedom day’ as he will be able to reopen a much-loved club room at his business.

Lancashire Telegraph: Andy MacAndy Mac

Andy admitted that the first delay to the easing of restrictions was “gutting” but said staff used the time to further improve Ships and Giggles.

He said: “I have never worked as hard as I did in lockdown- I just couldn’t sit back. We used every ounce of energy to refurbish and survive.”

“Just to look at the business thriving and everyone having fun- it’s better than I could ever ask for. I never saw this coming.

“It’s so great to see money coming in and having enough to sustain a business and pay the bills.”

He added: “Now and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we are very excited to get there.”

Ships and Giggles on Hammerton Street, which was formerly MACs nightclub, is currently open as a bar- but Andy has plans to reopen a once-loved nightclub room once restrictions ease.

Andy exclusively revealed that they will be opening the ‘Redroom’ on their top floor- a room which was popular at MACS Burnley before it burned down in 2019.

Andy said: “In 2015 when I opened MACS Burnley we were already well known for our Redroom… it was an urban and exclusive nightclub.

“It was always known for its music, VIP booths, dance floor, and for being mainly composed of mainly red lighting.

“We have decided to bring back the Redroom as it went down so well with locals.

Lancashire Telegraph: The Red Room at Macs BurnleyThe Red Room at Macs Burnley

“In the new Redroom in Ships and Giggles, we have enhanced everything and given it a massive makeover, but kept the original theme and heart of the room.”

Ships and Giggles’ Redroom is officially opening on 23 July at 10pm.

Customers will be able to access both the Redroom and the Ships and Giggles bar- they won't be limited to just one space. 

Before this date, Ships and Giggles will be open as usual and Andy explained that staff “can’t wait to see what Ships and Giggles bar is like without the guidelines and social distancing rules and regulations.”

Entry to the Redroom will be free until 11pm and £3 between 11 and 12pm; after midnight it’s £5.

It can be accessed via the Ships and Giggles main entrance. 

You can book a table right now by visiting the Ships and Giggles Facebook page.