A LANCASHIRE woman has told how she went from a highly stressful corporate job to starting a new healing business.

Kate Kinnney, from the Ribble Valley, says the idea to start the business ­— Maraki by Kate ­— came to her after a long-running interest in alternative therapies.

She also found this was a welcome change of pace from her experiences in the corporate world.

Ms Kinney said: “Although I was extremely sad to leave my friends in my previous job I knew that my purpose was no longer in the stressful and cut throat corporate world.

“I have had a keen interest in alternative therapies and healing techniques for the past decade and have been on numerous courses to retrain in the fields of reiki, crystal healing and angelic healing.”

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing.

According to Ms Kinney, reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing, through which a universal energy is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient to encourage emotional or physical healing.

With the stress of balancing normal life, families, working from home and anxiety linked to the pandemic, alternative healing practices such as reiki are becoming more commonly sought after with Ms Kinney saying that it is becoming more common for large businesses to offer alternative therapy treatments, with practitioners like her.

She said: “The feedback so far from my clients has been fantastic!

“I offer reiki, crystal healing using appropriate crystals for imbalances such as emotional issues that my clients are facing, and also angel therapy.

“As my business grows it is becoming apparent from client feedback, that the next step for me is to progress the life coach side of my business.”

To find out more, go to: www.merakibykate.com.