A FOOTBALL fan has spoken out about his night out supporting England - which saw him thrown from the top of a taxi after he clambered on it to celebrate.

Ashley James, 25, from Blackburn, had watched England's barnstorming 4-0 victory over Ukraine in Birmingham on Saturday night when he joined a group of fellow rowdy supporters in the city centre streets.

After going through a repertoire of legendary England anthems including Three Lions by Baddiel and Skinner, some started to sing "on the car, on the car", and an admittedly intoxicated Ashley duly obliged.

However, the taxi driver took a dim view of the 'superfan' clambering onto his roof and pulled Ashley's ankle as he tried to get off, causing him to take a heavy fall and land on the pavement.

Footage of the incident was shared with the Lancashire Telegraph and shows the unhappy taxi driver attempting to remove the man from his roof before driving off.

Ashley said: "Me and my mates went to Birmingham for the weekend to meet a few lads and ended up going to watch the game. 

"After the game everyone was chanting England songs outside and then taxis were going past and some people were chanting 'on the car, on the car' - obviously me being drunk, I thought it was a bit of fun and I did it. 

"I honestly thought it was hilarious when I fell off the taxi. I only had a cut on my elbow so it was worth it. 

"It’s coming home."

Ashley understands why the taxi driver was annoyed and despite his potentially catastrophic fall, said he had 'no hard feelings'. 

The footage shows Blackburn Rovers fan Ashley getting to his feet just seconds after landing on the concrete. 

Gripped by international football fever like so many in the country this week, he has not been deterred from enjoying a similarly raucous evening, saying that he will again watch Wednesday's titanic Euro 2020 semi-final clash against Denmark with friends and a few beers.

He predicts England will beat the Danes 3-1, securing a first final appearance since the famous 1966 World Cup, which was also played out on home soil.

In a message to manager Gareth Southgate - Ashley says "my man super Jack Grealish should start" and again... "it's coming home".