Two long-serving councillors have stood down from their positions on a town and borough council after moving away from the area they served for more than 20 years.

Stalwarts of local politics, Councillors Allan and Sue Knox resigned from Clitheroe Town Council last week, with Cllr Allan Knox resigning his position on Ribble Valley Borough Council back in May.

Cllr Allan Knox served the Primrose ward of Clitheroe Town Council for 22 years and Cllr Sue Knox served the Littlemoor ward for 14 years.

Both councillors also served the same wards on Ribble Valley Borough Council for 24 years and 10 years respectively.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Cllr Allan Knox said: "Sadly, over the period of the pandemic, our personal circumstances have changed and we decided it was time to move on.

"We will miss the people and community in Clitheroe greatly but after 24 years it's time for a change."

Leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats on Ribble Valley Borough Council for 14 years, Cllr Allan Knox and his wife have decided to leave East Lancashire for Scotland, where Sue Knox has taken up permanent employment on the east coast.

Speaking of their years of service to the Town Council, the new Town Council Leader, Councillor Mark French, said: “I am truly sad to see them go, the town has lost two brilliant councillors who served their wards, the town and borough with diligence and care.

"They always put the people first above local politics and their extensive knowledge and experience will be a loss for all of us."

Lancashire Telegraph: Coun Sue Knox, Ribble Valley borough council..

Cllr Knox said he doesn't know if he will be getting involved in politics in his new home but has already started to familiarise himself with local groups, and hopes whoever fills the now vacant positions on Clitheroe and Ribble Valley Councils will ensure their priorities lie first and foremost with the people living in the area.

There are two vacancies on Clitheroe Town Council which will most likely be filled following elections, to be held on a date yet to be determined by Ribble Valley Borough Council.

Councillor Allan Knox has been replaced as leader of the opposition on Ribble Valley Borough Council by Councillor Stewart Fletcher, also a member of the Town Council.