A shoe maker that until now has served an exclusively male market has launched a women’s collection.

LANX, based in Whalley, says that this is in response to an audience of female followers that has grown since the company was founded in 2018.

The new range includes a range of styles Lancashire inspired styles such as the £155 Harwood loafers, £190 Dinckley toe-cap boots and £185 Langho brogue boots.

LANX founder Marv Vaghetti said: “When we started out we built our initial collections for men as this is where our primary expertise and experience lay.

“As we’ve developed our brand and carved out a space in the men’s footwear market, we’ve attracted an incredible following from women.

“They wanted to wear our existing styles but the size offering was an issue.

“So, the message was loud and clear, 'woman up' and create similar shoes but with a female-specific fit.

“We can’t wait to see how women style our new range of boots and shoes this autumn and winter.”

The shoes are created using a combination of modern and traditional shoemaking techniques with a mix of leathers, tweeds and fabrics.

One of the designers to have worked on the new collection is Lancashire-based knitwear specialist Lily Kate.

She said: “LANX asked me and a number of other women to advise them on the development of their new collection.

“I actually bought their men’s shoes a few years back and have been encouraging them to develop a dedicated women’s range ever since.

“Over the last 12 months the team have worked tirelessly to perfect the design, quality and fit of the various styles.

“I’ve been “road testing” a pair of their new hiker style boots for a few months now and they are faultless.

“To contribute to the transformation of LANX from a men’s brand to one that now caters for both men and women has been an exciting process to be part of.”

The shoes will be available online at at various pop-up shops and festivals around the UK.