A FAMILY are spending every weekend travelling within England in their motorhome.

The Gilbert family spent two days from Friday, June 25 in Clitheroe as one of the places they are visiting with Roxy the camping car, in their quest to travel around England to different counties.

Heather and Carl Gilbert along with their two children have been enjoying camping at Cheetall Farm as they enjoyed the views.

From searching for the famous Chorley cakes to wandering the grounds of Clitheroe Castle, the family enjoyed their time.

Mrs Gilbert said: “It was lovely, and we had a really good time in Clitheroe.

“I knew it would be unlikely we could go abroad this year so just thought to make the most of what we have got in England.

“We go to many places we would usually never go to and since we like our food, we get to try something new.”

The family visited the markets as well as Holmes Mill and also enjoyed a bike ride on Sunday in the Forest of Bowland before they headed back home to Cheshire.

Mrs Gilbert said: “We found the most delicious Lancashire hotpot and a Lancashire butter pie from the local Booths.

“We had them topped with some Lancashire sauce and gravy and we finally managed to hunt down some Chorley cakes.”

Since starting their weekend travels in April, the family have visited 14 different counties with Staffordshire next on the list.

Mrs Gilbert said: “Our children really loved it too, they enjoyed the castle and wandered around and played.

“They liked the food as well. We’ve only travelled an hour from home. but we have had such a lovely time and will definitely be exploring more of the area soon. Lancashire, it’s been a pleasure.”

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