ROLLER SKATING is making a comeback ­— as the past-time once popular in roller rinks of yesteryear hits the streets of Lancashire.

Skaters are sharing videos having fun on four wheels on social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok.

Tanya Max from Darwen took up roller-skating in February and has been enjoying skating around Darwen town centre, in Ewood and in Manchester.

The project manager wants to bring roller skating back to the streets of Darwen.

She said: “There was a whole skate shortage and to get mine was really hard work.

"I saw a TikTok video of a girl cruising along and it really made me want to do it.”

The video in question shows American actor Ana Coto dancing to Jenny From The Block while roller skating.

Tanya bought a cheap pair off Facebook for just £20 before eventually upgrading to a pair of pink £300 Moxi skates.

She said: “You could not get them anywhere and even when the shops would have them in they would already be reserved. They come from America, where they just could not make them quick enough.

“I will be skating and it’s mad the amount of people that will comment, 'that’s cool' and that they want to do it. It’s positive and like a community, I love it.”

Roller skating has been popular throughout history but by the 1970s, many rinks had opened around the country.

Because of the resurgence, many people who used to skate are also getting back into it after seeing the younger generations discover it.

It’s easy to think roller skating only challenges the legs, but those who practice regularly know it’s a full-body burn.

The hamstrings, hips, calves, quadriceps, and core muscles like the pelvic floor, back muscles and glutes, are strengthened and toned as you propel yourself forward.

Tanya said: “A woman in her 40s in Darwen bought skates off me and wanted to walk her dog while skating.”

The activity helps her manage her mental health, especially after three Covid lockdowns.

She said: “It takes the stress out of things because I have a stressful job.

"It does not matter what is happening or if you are not that good because it’s about having fun and we love seeing people improve. I was lucky I was naturally decent but I also have a performing arts background and it could take longer for others.”

New skaters are recommended to wear all their gear including a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and especially wrist guards.

Much like any dance skill, roller skating requires coordination to move the whole body in unison. As you’re on several wheels though, the brain is concentrating on spinning different plates, which can challenge your mental agility and balance.

To join in or for advice on how to start find her on Instagram @_tanyamax