Police executed two warrants under the Animal Welfare Act after being called to a property.

Rossendale and Clitheroe Rural Task Forces were working with RSPCA and said warrants issued this morning (June 15) after they received information regarding a male banned from owning animals having acquired new dogs for badger baiting and fighting.

Intelligence received suggested that dogs were coming back to the property with severe injuries as a result of the illegal activities.

Officers found an array of evidence linking the suspect to such activities and have seized several dogs at one of the addresses. Evidence also included medical equipment suspected to be used to administer first aid to the dogs upon returning with injuries.

Two puppies were taken to the vets after appearing unwell and the vet has confirmed that these dogs were suffering. They are now being cared for by the RSPCA.

Enquiries are now ongoing.

In a separate incidents the Rural Task Force said they also been on the River Ribble with partners from the Environment Agency and Angling Trust identifying areas of concern such as salmon poaching. Police said they were also following up on reports of crows being shot without a general licence, sheep being kept in domestic properties and untethered horses on the A59.