A cannabis farm containing more than 1,000 plants has been uncovered by police.

Officers in Blackpool spent three days last week clearing the huge grow in the south of the seaside resort.

Police say there was evidence that modern slavery had played a part in the cultivation of the plants as people had been forced to live in the property and look after the grown.

According to officers, the electricty had been bypassed creating a 'significant fire risk' to the victims in the property and also to neighbouring residents.

On Sunday a spokesperson for the police said: "Over the past three days Blackpool Task Force and SouthNPT have been clearing a large cannabis farm.

"This contained 1,000 cannabis plants.

"Sadly modern day slavery is real.

"The bypassed electricity was a significant fire risk to the victims forced to grow the cannabis and to local residents.

"This increases the cost of electricity for everyone.

"By targeting these cannabis farms we are depriving criminals of their resources."

If you have suspicions about drug dealing, modern slavery or drug cultivation in your area call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.