POLICE were called to a pub after 'mindless idiots' caused a disturbance and damaged cars. 

Staff at the Dog and Partridge in Baxenden dealt with the incident swiftly and said the men involved have been barred from returning. 

They posted a statement following the incident at the Back Lane pub at 5.30pm on Sunday.

It said: "To say we are upset, disappointed and frustrated is an understatement, especially about the comments from certain individuals about our attitude towards the community.

"This has always been and always will be a community pub and we will continue to do everything we can do to support Baxenden.

"Mindless idiots ruined yesterday and this was dealt with by following all our procedures of zero tolerance and requesting police assistance when required.

"We do not, and never have had the attitude that 'we don't care as long as people are spending money'.

"All people involved from yesterday's incident are barred and the police will be called immediately if they ever return to the pub. We have full coverage of the incident on our CCTV system and this will be released to the police upon request to assist with any prosecution.

"Unfortunately in life, there are people who think it's ok to behave in an anti social manner.

"We do not want these people in our pub, no matter how much money they spend. We hope that's clear and easy to understand. So please feel free to share away folks and pass the following on...

"If you want to take drugs, don't come in this pub.

"If you feel the need to fight, don't come in this pub.

"If you think it's funny to damage property, don't come in this pub.

"If you can't behave like a decent human being, stay away!"

Landlady Mel Henning said: "It was a group of lads in there who were not from the area.

"They have damaged a number of cars when they left. Times are tough enough without this and this is a community pub and there is no place for them in here.

"We want to say thanks to some of our locals who helped to get the group of idiots out and it is the first time in two and a half years that we have had to call 999."

Police have confirmed there was a report of a disturbance between a group of people but they had left the pub.

A spokesman said: "No one was injured, however, when the group have left the area, it’s alleged that a wing mirror on a Mini Cooper was damaged.

"Anyone with info can call 101 quoting incident reference 1215 of June 13."