HUNDREDS of workers across Lancashire are set to be upskilled thanks to a technology programme that aims to create "the teams of tomorrow."

This comes thanks to technology adoption programme Get Smarter's plans to work with small and medium sized manufacturers across the county to teach their employees how to use the latest digital tools and technologies.

These skills range from date capture to 3D-printing, automation, and robotics

Made Smarter organisational and workforce development adviser Ruth Hailwood said: “Choosing and implementing the right technologies and solutions is only one part of digitalisation.

“Technologies are tools, but digitalisation is all about connecting systems and processes and sharing data to inform decisions made by people.”

“Empowering staff on the front line is vital to a successful digital transformation, so manufacturers need to have or work to create a culture that is open to change and looking to grow and innovate. This will ensure the buy-in and support of the team, which alongside the right skill sets, good digital leadership, and effective communication, will make sure everyone shares the same vision and people can reap the benefits of using these new tools effectively.

“Doing a skills audit is key to identifying where people need development with a view to future-proofing the organisation. This can also identify and unlock the hidden talent that already exists in the business or focus on capturing technical skills and know-how in a veteran employee.”

In total, 50 Lancashire businesses will be upskilling 807 jobs.

One such business is food manufacturer Nutree Life.

Co-founder and CEO Patrick Mroczak said: "Digitalisation is a journey, once you take that first step your mind is opened and you want to delve deeper.

“Our entire workforce has gone to another level of working since the arrival of these new technologies.

"Now, because they run these processes, they are coming up with ideas to take it further.

“With the increased productivity and greater efficiency, I have been able to create dozens of new jobs, adding brain power to a broader team, and upskill a significant number of them.

"This process has created a much more profitable business and much happier staff.”

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