DATA from a payments provider shows spending habits in the North West.

New data from Dojo, has revealed the UK’s spending habits following restrictions being lifted in April. The data suggested that Blackburn was one of the top for people spending in shops since reopening, while Portsmouth nabs the top spot.

UK payments provider Dojo analysed Google search volumes to reveal the most in-demand brands post-lockdown, and which activities Brits were looking forward to spending money on.

The study also analysed Dojo’s own data to find out how much was spent and which UK cities spent the most.

Blackburn came tenth in the list of where people spent the most money from April 12 to April 29 2021.

According to Dojo’s own data, Blackburn residents were ready to get the economy going, spending an average of £80.65 per transaction across a variety of amenities in clothing stores.

Portsmouth were found to spend the most at £131.37 per transaction, with Coventry coming 2nd, spending £116.47 per average transaction.

However, there's just over a £50 difference between Portsmouth and Blackburn, making them still one of the biggest spenders.

A spokesman for Dojo said: "Shopping for clothing in person removes the trial and error of online ordering. It also removes the temptation to over-order, especially if you want to get free delivery when purchasing items.

"People had waited so long to shop in person and have face-to-face interaction, which is perhaps why we've seen such a big increase in spend within these cities."

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