MAXWELLS CAFÉ AND BAR in Clitheroe are doing their part to brighten a customer’s day.

They have launched a random act of kindness scheme after being overwhelmed with kind donations from their pay it with a post it idea.

Last April, they launched a ‘pay it with a post-it’ scheme as a reward to customers struggling with the pandemic.

The generosity of customers with the scheme has proven to be overwhelming- so much so that Maxwells has now launched a random act of kindness scheme to help offload some of the items that generous customers have paid forward.

Posting to Facebook, the company wrote: “Due to the amazing amount of post its paid on and not yet claimed we have decided to do a random act of kindness each day & treat a stranger to one of the paid on items on our board!

“We can’t wait to spread the kindness & see the smiles on people faces. Also a huge thank you to everyone who has paid something on!”

Lancashire Telegraph:

At the time of writing the post has received 101 reactions and six shares.

One commenter wrote: “Great idea- make someone feel special.”

Deborah O’Reilly, manager at the business said the aim of the initial post it forward scheme was to help people in the pandemic.

She said: “If they were having a bad day, if they had lost their job, if they had been impacted by the pandemic in any way, they could come to us and discreetly ask for something to be taken off the board.

“Loads of people have paid forward now- I am talking tonnes.”

So many generous people have used the scheme that staff have had to adapt it and introduce a random act of kindness initiative.

Ms O’Reilly explained:  “I don’t know if people are too shy to ask or feel they aren’t worth of this, so we thought we would give out some random act of kindness to give some out as we have so many stocked up.

“There’s all sorts on there- we have cakes, teas, Peroni and more

“Everything on that menu is literally on that board ready to go.”

Ms O’Reilly explained that this is an initiative that the public need after the previous “tough year”.

She added: “We want to share a bit more joy within the community.”