Police in Burnley arrested a man who was stopped for driving with no insurance.

The driver had attempted to make a get away said police and was later found to have had an amount of cash on him.

A spokesperson for Burnley and Padiham Police said last night: “The driver had thought it would be a good idea to make off from us and drive with no insurance.

 “One male is currently in custody on suspicion of money laundering after being stopped and found to have several thousand pounds in his possession.”

Elsewhere, Lancashire Road Traffic Police stopped this vehicle on the M6 and the driver was found to have no licence or insurance.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Police posted: “If you’re going to lend your vehicle to a friend at least make sure they have a licence & insurance to drive it. This Driver wasn’t, they were disqualified. Vehicle stopped on the M6, it’s now in the compound and driver has been dealt with accordingly."