Plans to share 55 million health patient’s files with private firms and scientists could become the norm.

The NHS has plans to share the once private information of people’s medical histories of every single person currently registered at a GP surgery in England.

They claim the data will be anonymous but the NHS will be able to identify patients if “they think there is a valid legal reason”.

NHS Digital claims the data will only be used for health and care planning and also research purposes by organisations which can show they have an appropriate legal basis and a legitimate need to use it.

Rosa Curling a solicitor representing Campaign group Foxglove has said that in her opinion the NHS are guilty of being “completely silent” on who would actually have access to the data and she also went on to say that there were serious concerns over whether the plans are legal or not as no explicit consent has been given. She said the Government should explain itself or it may launch legal action.

I wonder if the NHS intends to sell these patients’ files as one cannot see the NHS being generous enough to give them away.

Apparently people have until June 23, which isn’t very far off, to opt out of this scheme by filling a form in and handing it in to their doctor.

However, since this scheme has been kept hush hush I doubt if many people will be aware of these plans and more to the point where are we supposed to obtain the relevant form we need to opt out of the scheme?

I am sure I am not alone when I say that no way do I want strangers having access to my personal medical records and I am sure that if this ridiculous plan does go ahead it will definitely erode the public’s trust in the NHS