THE WEEKEND is set to be a hot one in Blackburn with temperatures reaching highs of 22 degrees.

This is great news for football fans who will be flocking to the nearest beer garden to celebrate or commiserate England’s first match of the Euros.

The long-awaited UEFA European Football Championship was meant to take place in 2020 but had to be rolled over to 2021 due to coronavirus restrictions.

The Euros officially start tomorrow (11 June) and will end on Sunday, July 11, 2021.

England’s first game against Croatia is on Sunday and the Met Office predicts sunny skies and sun cream weather.

In fact, most of the weekend is set to be a scorcher- so make sure to book outside tables at any restaurants and pubs your book.

Here is a full breakdown of the weather forecast this weekend, according to the Met Office:


According to the Met Office, this is the worst day of the weekend with rain expected between 8am- 2pm.

However, the sun is expected to show its face after this with sunny spells and partial cloud coverage into the evening- and at 8pm when Turkey play Italy.

You can expect highs of 17 degrees although it’s expected to feel more like 15 degrees.

On Friday Turkey will be playing Italy at 8pm.


Punters will be pleased to hear that highs of 16 degrees and sunny skies are expected all day on Saturday.

At 2pm, when Wales are playing, it’s meant to feel like 15 degrees.

The fixtures are as follows: Group A: Wales vs Switzerland, 2pm

Group B: Denmark vs Finland, 5pm.

Group B: Belgium vs Russia. 8pm.


What’s the weather like for the England game? According to the Met Office it is meant to be glorious with highs of 22 degrees.

It’s set to be mostly sunny, with partial cloud coverage at 1pm.

When England are set to play at 2pm, the weather is set to be bright and sunny.

Here are the Sunday fixtures:

Group D: England vs Croatia, 2pm.

Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia, 5pm.

Group C: Netherlands vs Ukraine, 8pm.

Will you be watching the Euros?