MANAGEMENT at one of Lancashire's top gastropubs are 'flabbergasted' and 'disappointed' that a TripAdvisor review accusing a staff member of racism has been allowed to remain online.

On Thursday last week, two families arrived at the Parkers Arms in Newton-in-Bowland, Ribble Valley, and were told that they could not enter the pub as they were shut prior to the evening sitting.

After a verbal exchange between management and an 'angry' family, a scathing TripAdvisor review was left for the pub which referenced 'mixed race' heritage as a reason for their refused entry and urged people who support the Black Lives Matter movement to stay away.

The venue recently came fourth in a list of the top gastropubs in the country.

The business owner, Stosie Madi, said: "The manager went out and told them that the door is closed and our opening hours are clearly displayed, and that we don't allow people in the pub out of hours because of the pandemic, especially as our living-in staff need to be kept safe too.

"He asked them to leave and they turned around and went away and took to TripAdvisor to leave two reviews, one of which quoted BLM and accusing him of racism, inciting hate by telling people who have ethics not to come to our pub.

"The most terrible thing about this whole situation is not that someone has gone online and voiced a judgemental and unfounded opinion, but TripAdvisor is a public site that the public can go to look at reviews and I don't understand how their guidelines could in any way allow something like this."

The management team contacted TripAdvisor and reported the review, politely requesting it be removed as its content could cause 'hate against the pub'.

However, TripAdvisor refused to remove the review as the family had an 'undisputed customer service interaction with the business' and that the owner had responded with his side of the story in a 'clearly visible response' on the website.

Ms Madi continued: "The person they are accusing of racism has a black daughter of African descent. We're just trying to run our business, they came in when we were closed and that is all they were told. Why on earth would you go and write something like that?

"For us, the real culprits are TripAdvisor, who we are very disappointed with, for not removing it when reported. Thankfully, we have had lots of support from the industry and lots from local customers on social media.

"Everybody has the right to an opinion and a view, but what you don't have is the right to pass judgement on people and businesses with totally unfounded and unproven comments.

"It's just so unnerving."