People are being asked to recognise the amazing work of a young boy who was killed after he was struck by lightning, by voting for him in the Pride of Britain Awards.

Jordan Banks, from Blackpool, was killed last month while playing football on a field in his home town.

It is believed the youngster was struck by lightning. He was rushed to hospital but was sadly pronounced dead shortly after.

In January, Jordan left sweet treats on police vehicles to cheer up officers during lockdown, and the young Liverpool FC supporter also raised £3,000 for mental health charities within the seaside town. 

To honour Jordan, police in Blackpool have nominated him for a posthumous Pride of Britain Award and are urging others to do the same.

A spokesperson for the police said: "As many of you will be aware Blackpool lost a star on May 11 this year.

"Back in January Jordan Banks touched the heart of many officers leaving sweet treats on police vehicles to cheer up officers during Covid.

"Not to mention the amazing work he did by raising £3,000 for mental heath charities in Blackpool.

"We feel Jordan deserves recognition for his amazing work.

"Jordan is being nominated by many officers for the Pride of Britain Awards under the category- Good Morning Britain Young Fundraiser of the year.

"If anyone wishes to nominate Jordan they can do so by clicking on this link."