STAFF at Ewood Florist in Blackburn had a shock when they came into work this morning and discovered that their shop front had been vandalised and hanging baskets stolen.

They took to Facebook to write about the “sad” incident.

Staff wrote: “We try and keep our lovely little shop looking bonny all the time in the hope that it gives people a little cheer as they go past, so it's so upsetting to come in this morning to find that all our window boxes and plants have been smashed off the shop front overnight and stolen.

“We do have CCTV and hope to find the moron that can't keep their hands to themselves- but in the meantime we are looking a little less bonny today.”

(Facebook/ @ewoodflorist )

At the time of writing, the post has received more than 240 reactions, 20 shares and 60 comments.

Many of the commenters have offered their support to the florist.

One person wrote: “This is so awful. Karma will get these people- and the shop front is still super pretty.”

Janet Lawrenson wrote: “How awful, some people just do not appreciate beautiful things. No respect. Hope they're caught.”

“Disgusting,” said Ms Carysforth. “But can I just say I love your displays! We live across the road and we are always amazed when you change them.”

Staff member, Jean Leyland said this was the last thing the team wanted to face before a particularly busy day at work.

She explained that the shop owner, Deborah Schofield, always likes to keep the front of the shop looking neat and pretty.

She said: “When we came this morning, out plant boxes had been ripped off the wall and taken.

“It’s not fair- we try and keep this street looking nice and to come in and see this has been really sad.”

The team said they have reviewed their CCTV footage, which shows a group of girls “wrenching” the hanging baskets from the walls, throwing them into a pram and running away yesterday evening (8 June).

In their latest Facebook post update, they said they will be sharing the CCTV footage with police as they intend to press charges.

Linda added that it might put them off from doing such beautiful outdoor displays in the future.

She explained: “Why would you keep doing it? It eats into your profits and when someone comes along and does that to you it puts you off doing things.

“We’re just trying to make the world a little more cheery and keep things nice- and then someone comes along and spoils it for you.”