A BURGLAR who stole and crashed a car leaving a "trail of destruction" has been jailed.

Michael Ellison, 35, broke into a house and stole a set of car keys and wallet.

His victim was awoken at 5.30am on April 19 to hear his Ford Kuga car being revved outside his home on Turkey Street, Accrington.

Around 40 minutes later the Kuga crashed into a parked Ford Fiesta in Milton Street, Oswaldtwistle, but failed to stop.

Ellison then proceeded to use the victim’s bank card three times in the space of an hour.

He was identified as a result of CCTV enquiries and arrested.

Ellison, of Blackburn Road, Accrington, was charged with burglary, fraud by false representation, theft of a motor vehicle, driving without insurance and failing to stop at the scene of an accident.

He was jailed for two years and four months at Burnley Crown Court.

Det Sgt Phil McGauley said: “Ellison showed a callous disregard when breaking into his victim’s home – a place they were entitled to feel safe.

"He then left a trail of destruction in his wake.

“I am glad he has now been sent to prison and the public will have some respite from his offending.”