A PUB visitor was annoyed after being turned away from his local after not being able to download their app despite it stating on the venue's website you can order without it.

The man, in his mid-50s, visited the Fernhurst in Bolton Road, Blackburn, on Sunday afternoon.

He said he was turned away because he does not have a smartphone meaning he is unable to download the NHS track and trace app and the Hungry Horse app which he needed to order a drink.

Suffering with a nerve condition, he has not been to a pub for 12 months because of Covid-19 and is furious after struggling to make his way to the pub that there was no system in place to cater to people with older technology.

He said: "Being a nice day I thought I fancy a pint which I haven't been for over 12 months.

"I've got a nerve condition so I have to be careful with what I do so I wanted to make sure it was safe.

"I'm being turned away because I haven't got the right technology when I am trying to put some money in their till and also go out for a pint for once in months and just not being allowed to."

Upon arriving at the beer garden, he said he spoke with a waitress outside who told him if he did not have the app that he would not be able to order a drink.

Thinking this was due to it being outside, he went inside and was told the same thing by a second waitress at which point he left and went for a drink at a different pub, infuriated.

On the Hungry Horse website, the Covid-19 update section under 'government tracing' says: "If you don’t have access to any of these our team will be more than happy to take your details for you and check in on your behalf."

While the section called 'order at your table' says: "Don’t have access to the app? Don’t worry, one of the team will be happy to take your order at the table for you."

A spokesperson for Hungry Horse said: “Whilst we encourage our customers to digitally complete their Test and Trace details and order via our app, we have robust processes in place for customers who cannot or do not wish to use these apps including a paper version to collate the required Test and Trace details and table service throughout the day.

"We are investigating this incident and reminding our team of these alternative measures and apologise to the customer for any distress caused.”