A BURNLEY man continues to be ‘frustrated’ by what he deems to be ‘persistent speeding’ outside his residence, despite an acknowledgment of the issue from the council.

John Zoth complains that throughout the day on Coal Clough Lane, Burnley, heavy goods vehicles, cars and taxis consistently break the 20mph speed limit.

Mr Zoth wrote to Antony Higginbotham MP and received a reply at the end of May, along with a promise to 'tackle the issue'.

He said: "It has reached a stage where action needs to be taken to remind people that this is a residential area and is governed by a 20mph zone.

"The result is my rear light cluster getting broken while parked and the driver failed to stop. My biggest concern is the speed of drivers who are using Coal Clough Lane as a rat run, and the traffic bumps are just a slight inconvenience.

"Some drivers deliberately try and get both front wheels between the bumps - other's just launch themselves over. I would say that the average speed is above 30mph, sometimes between 40mph and 50mph.

"It isn't just private cars, but delivery vehicles, postal vehicles, buses and even the police who aren’t attending an incident and displaying blues and twos, just ignorant drivers not knowing the road."

There is signage on the road but these only measure around 30 centimetres in diameter, which Mr Zoth feels are “far too small” to be seen from inside a moving vehicle.

The Lancashire Telegraph contacted Lancashire County Council for comment, who said they were aware of this issue and have 'assessed' the situation.

As spokesperson for the council said: “In response to recent concerns about the speed of traffic on Coal Clough Lane, we assessed conditions on the road in terms of the speed of vehicles and the record of injury collisions.

"As a result, we are providing signs to remind drivers that they should drive at an appropriate speed in this residential area. The signs will be visible between July and September and also again January to March 2022.

"We have also previously provided traffic calming in the area and deployed smiley faced interactive signs to remind drivers about their speed.

"We monitor collisions on Lancashire's road network and target new road safety schemes at locations with the highest record of incidents resulting in people being injured.”