AN Accrington man will embark on a charity bike tour of the United Kingdom after being "horrified" by the story of a four-year-old boy with an incurable disease.

Darren Haslam, 50, is a friend of the family of Jeffrey Charlesworth, four, who was diagnosed with the incurable CLN2 Battens Disease in May and will require specialist and expensive treatment as his illness progresses.

Being a keen motorcyclist, Mr Haslam felt compelled to help out in some way and decided on a monumental relay tour of the UK, organised via Facebook.

Lancashire Telegraph: BIKER: Darren Haslam is organising the eventBIKER: Darren Haslam is organising the event

He said: "Like everyone else who hears about this terrible disease, I was horrified that anyone should have to go through what the family are going through.

"I have been on many charity rides, and I am also a Blood Biker, so I decided to see if I could help by doing what we bikers do best.

"I came up with the idea of doing a relay ride around the UK and I'm talking to some pals over in Northern Ireland to see if we can get over there too.

"All bikers are the same, we just love to ride and we treat everyone who does as family from all different backgrounds. It doesn't matter because primarily, you are a biker - and everyone is your brother or sister - so I'm drawing on their love of riding and love of a good cause, and my brothers and sisters have leapt to support it.

Lancashire Telegraph: ROUTE: The tour will see bikers relay all over the UKROUTE: The tour will see bikers relay all over the UK

"We aim to get as many bikers as we can nationwide raising money for the family, and also raising awareness of Battens Disease."

Mr Haslam plans to take a mascot teddy, aptly named 'Jeffrey', on the tour while taking donations from well-wishers, adding that he 'couldn't imagine the pain' of seeing his own grandchildren affected by something similar.

He continued: "This could happen to any of us. So if us going for a bit of a ride and carrying a teddy bear around the UK, having people throw a tenner in the pot, can ease that pain just a fraction, then we have done something.

"If everyone did something nice for their fellow man, the planet would be better for it.

"We aren't heroes and we don't want thanks... we just want to do our bit."

To join Mr Haslam's group in order to get involved, visit: