A COCAINE and steroid-fuelled man who stabbed the mother of his child in the face and back multiple times with a ‘Rambo’ hunting knife has been jailed.

Levi Davidson, of Rolleston Road, Blackburn, tried to murder his then partner, Kayleigh Flanagan, at his parents’ home across the road from where he lived, on October 5 2020.

The victim was so badly injured she needed 11 hours of surgery after being airlifted to hospital.

Preston Crown Court heard how Davidson, 25, and Miss Flanagan had been in a relationship for around six years and had a child together.

They had separated and rekindled their romance on a couple of occasions but in 2019, Miss Flanagan said she wanted to end the relationship for good.

Prosecuting Rachel White said: “After separating he threatened to harm her if she entered into another relationship. He said he would throw acid in her face.

“Then in 2020 she tried again to leave him and he said he would kill her. He told her he would be happy to go to prison if it meant she would be with no-one else.”

The court was told Davidson had smashed the 22-year-old’s phone and had launched a yankee candle through her car window, before she was eventually able to move out of the home they shared together.

Ms White said in the months prior to the near-fatal attack, Davidson had been taking steroids, was habitually using large quantities of cocaine, and had become consumed with jealousy and paranoid that Miss Flanagan was cheating on him.

She said: “He continued to send her messages, saying he would arrange to find her in a pub and stab her, before sending her a text on the morning of October 5 asking if he could come round to get some trainers from her house.

“There were in fact no trainers and he eventually told her this, saying he only sent the message in an attempt to come over and kill her.

“He then proceeded to send more messages while she was at work, saying he was going to kill himself.”

Worried, Miss Flanagan arranged to visit him at his home, but before leaving she contacted a friend, switched on her location settings on Snapchat, and told her friend that if she disconnected, to call for help.

She left work at 3pm and went to Davidson’s parents’ house. Davidson’s mother went to speak with her son and advised Miss Flanagan not to go over as he was in a bad mood.

However, in a rage and carrying what he later described to police as a ‘Rambo’ knife, Davidson came charging into his parents’ home.

Ms White said: “She felt a force to her face and landed on the floor. She thought he had punched her but then she felt flesh hanging off her face and there was blood everywhere, and she realised she had been stabbed.

“She tried to get away from him but he stabbed her multiple times in her back, which she described as ‘feeling like little punches’. She ran into the kitchen and while wedged between the fridge, table and wall, he grabbed her head and pulled it back exposing her neck, telling her he was going to kill her and aiming the knife at her throat.

“Miss Flanagan grabbed the knife with her hands to stop him from stabbing her in the neck, and was only saved by the fact he missed due to slipping on her blood which was all over the kitchen floor.”

The attack stopped when Miss Flanagan mentioned their child and he left the house before an ambulance arrived and she was airlifted to hospital.

She suffered deep cuts to both cheeks, fingers, six stab wounds to her back, collapsed lungs, lost all feeling in her chin and required physio on her hands.

Davidson handed himself in to the police, telling the desk sergeant ‘I have stabbed my bird and have come to hand myself in. Have you been to the house? Is she still alive?’ Davidson admitted attempted murder at a hearing in April.

Defending, Mark Stuart said Davidson had acted out of character, which he attributed to his steroid and cocaine use.

Judge Heather Lloyd said: "You lured her to your address and came round with a large serrated knife you described as a Rambo knife and repeatedly stabbed her.

"She was in surgery for 11 hours after being lifted to hospital. This was a frenzied attack in which she was fighting for her life."

Davidson was sentenced to 19 years in prison - 16 in custody and three on licence upon his release.

Following the sentence DC Paul Beverley, of Blackburn CID, said: “Davidson lured his defenceless victim to the property under false pretences knowing full well that he was going to subject her to brutal and frenzied attack. The attack was cowardly and reckless, and it is a miracle that the victim did not lose her life.

“I would like to praise her for the bravery she has shown throughout the court process and my colleagues for the diligence and professionalism throughout this investigation.

“I welcome the sentence handed down by the judge and I am glad the court recognised the danger Davidson poses, meaning that he will continue to be monitored even after he is released from the custodial element of his sentence.

"I hope it sends out the strongest possible message that Lancashire Constabulary will not tolerate anyone brandishing or using weapons and will go after them with the full force of the law."