A BLACKBURN entrepreneur has launched two 'business incubation' programmes which aim to help firms adopt the latest technologies to aid their post-Covid recovery plans.

Mo Isap, founder and CEO of IN4.0 Group, says that his Cyber Innovation Lab and Unity Centre of Excellence Incubator programmes will help smaller businesses get to grips with the latest developments in cyber technology, data science and artificial intelligence.

The programmes have been co-developed by IN4.0 chairman Andy Beaden and will take place at the company's HOST facility in MediaCity UK, Salford.

Blackburn-born Mr Isap said: "We’re offering entrepreneurs a home at HOST, not just a location, but a place where they can become part of our supportive and inclusive innovation community.

"People, place and culture are at the heart of everything we do."

Mr Isap has drawn on his own experience of making his way in the business world when drawing up programmes aimed at imparting new skills to other business leaders.

He said: "Having been on my own personal journey as an entrepreneur from starting businesses to then building them up, I understand how both tough and rewarding the journey can be, but also no one else understands what you go through as a business owner like your fellow entrepreneurs.

"I’m privileged to be able to share that experience and the knowledge I’ve gained along the way with others who might be coming up against the same hurdles."

The programmes will take place over a 12 month period and will be delivered in partnership with global corporations like Microsoft and Siemens.

Several new programmes are also currently being developed by the IN4.0, which plans to launch them over the next few months.

A company that has already benefited from taking part in such programmes is HE Inventions.

Company director Dr John Hardy said: “At HOST you are part of a community where there is always something new and interesting going on, with plenty of enjoyable events and initiatives to take part in that expand your network."

To find out more, go to: www.hostsalford.com.