Police are continuing to warn children and young people about the dangers of swimming in reservoirs after several incidents were reported over the weekend.

One such matter saw a passer-by rescue a teenager from the Blue Lagoon near Belmont on Saturday after they got into trouble in the water.

While a second separate incident on the same day, saw police in Rossendale attending Cown Reservoir in Whitworth after receiving reports that youngsters were in the reservoir.

It comes just days after hundreds of people were seen 'risking their lives' in the water at Jamestone Quarry in Haslingden, while others were caught taking a dip in water at a disused quarry in the area of Colne Golf Club.

Roy Taylor, commercial manager at Jamestone Quarry, Haslingden, said he was ‘deeply concerned’ that people visiting and diving from heights into the freezing cold water aren’t thinking about the risks associated with their actions.

Jamestone Quarry in Haslingden: Warning after people seen swimming

Speaking last week he said: “There were around 100 people up here yesterday plunging into the water and playing on the quarry edge.

"It’s not just kids, I’m talking about families too.

“I appreciate that it’s a nice spot, especially in this weather, but I’m genuinely just trying to save someone’s life.

"It’s incredibly dangerous to be doing what they’re doing.

Cowm Reservoir

Cowm Reservoir

“I’ve given up confronting these people now because I’ve been abused before. I’ve had 14 lads surround me once because I asked them to leave. What am I supposed to do?

“I called the police yesterday and told them that having 100 people all gathered together is breaking Covid regulations - they never turned up.

“They used to check up here a fair bit but you never see them now.”

Bystander saves teenager swimming in Blue Lagoon Belmont reservoir

The regularity of the incidents has coincided with the bank holiday and half-term, and coupled with the warm weather, people have been searching for outdoor watering holes closer to home to enjoy in order to avoid the tailbacks in traffic heading for the county's coastlines.

A spokesperson for the police said: "Today we have received calls regarding youths swimming in Cowm Reservoir, Whitworth.

"Officers have been to the Reservoir to ask youths to leave the water and explain the dangers of swimming in reservoirs and quarries.

The quarry near Colne Golf Club

The quarry near Colne Golf Club

"Although some may think this is harmless and that the youths are doing nothing wrong this in fact extremely dangerous.

Police ask group of youths to stop swimming in Cowm reservoir

"We understand the weather is nice and that the water is appealing in high temperatures but please refrain from entering open water.

"You may be an experienced and strong swimmer who will be able to cope with the coldness of the water but unfortunately every year there are numerous of young people who lose their life due to swimming in reservoirs."